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EWW, Sick’ning!!…That’s Nature, Girl.

Hey girl…Did you know that when snails start hooking up, they don’t know who’s going to be the boy, and who’s going to be the girl? Would it surprise you that most birds have a frottage fetish? Or that male seahorses get pregnant?

Get ready for EWW, Sick’ning!!where we take a raw look at the bizarre, scandalous, and (yes) sick’ning ways animals get it on in nature!

Cami SoulIn every 3-5 minute episode of EWW, Sick’ning!!, know-it-all safari queen and all-around science bitch Cami Soul (Elliott Kennerson) takes you elbow-deep in the birds-and-the-bees of one animal species, from mammals, to birds, to bugs. Cami delivers the dirty details to an unprepared guest — a celebrity,  a drag queen, a celebrity drag queen — in sick’ning detail, while the two improv their NSFW way together through the play-by-play.

Why would a male spider break off its own penis during sex — on purpose? Why would a guppy switch genders? Or a lizard pretend to? Think you could find an earthworm’s clitellum? And just what do we mean by “semen-hoarding”?

Good sex education needs good visual aids. So we shoot Cami and her guest against a green screen and cut in high-quality natural history footage from our pro wildlife cinematographer (Kevin Collins). Just try to look away! Then our mograph artist (Kia Simon) adds a layer of buzzy, in-your-face animation to sweeten the pot. Earthworms

Finally, there’s our “bathroom wall,” where the life lessons really happen…That’s our sick’ning dry-erase board, where we serve up explicit sharpie diagrams for your edification — so you don’t miss a trick.

EWW Sick’ning!! is True Facts with Ze Frank meets UNHhhh, with all the attitude of Snoop Dogg’s Plizzanet and the nerdiness of Gross Science. It’s The Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger…on Gay of Thrones

Fresh from their work on the Webby-nominated, multi Emmy-winning PBS Digital Studios nature series Deep Look, our team can’t wait to get sick’ning with you!


Terns enjoying frottage (dryhumping)

EWW Sick’ning!! isn’t your mama’s nature show. But don’t blame us! You couldn’t make this stuff up…That’s nature, girl! 

And in nature, it’s almost never the straight story of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear. Sex and gender are fluid and freaky. If you’ve ever been told that your sexuality is un-natural, then EWW, Sick’ning!! offers a legit, science-ey way to say…“FUCK THAT!”